Loofah Back Scrubber




  • LONG HANDLE BATH SCRUBBER WITH 4×30 INCH LUFFA BACK STRAP ALLOWS YOU TO EASILY SCRUB EVERY INCH OF SKIN WITH SOAP POUCH INCLUDED! Ideal for addressing back acne, ezcema and rough skin patches along the back
  • FRONT SIDE OF BODY BATH SCRUBBER IS TO EXFOLIATE SKIN WHILE THE BACK WASH CLOTH MADE FROM BAMBOO FIBER TO POLISH AND SMOOTH SKIN. Maximally effective at exfoliating but gentle enough to not injure the skin and cause inflammation. Features sustainable bamboo and loofah to be as friendly to the planet as it is to your healthy skin
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN Contoured handles on either end let you maintain a tight grip and allow every inch of the body scrubber belt to be used to exfoliate and cleanse. Hang up to keep it dry.
  • GET EXFOLIATING BACK SCRUBBERS WITH BATH SPONGE Buy this back scrubber and get a second solution for promoting healthy skin–a mesh body sponge! Use it for cleansing and exfoliating from head to toe. Packed in travel case, so it is perfect as gifts too. 100% Money Back Guarantee

The skin along the back is every bit as vulnerable to becoming dry or plagued with acne breakouts as the rest of your skin tissue. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to exfoliate and cleanse the back to address these types of products and promote healthy skin. Or at least…it used to be hard!

The Brusybrush Bamboo Fiber Loofah Back Scrubber Belt takes the hassles out of scrubbing the back and will greatly improve the effectiveness of your skin care routine. With regular use, this bath exfoliator will leave the back skin smoother and softer with less signs of dryness. Plus, the body scrubber removes dead skin that can clog the pores and contribute to acne breakouts.

With this Bamboo Back Scrubber Belt, it’s incredibly easy to clean every inch of your back. The loofah back scrubber is shaped like a belt and features an easy-to-grip handle on each end. Just hold onto the handles and move the back scrubber back and forth along your back to cleanse and exfoliate simultaneously. The loofah panels on the bamboo bath exfoliator produce friction to gently lift away cellular debris without injuring the skin, so this loofah back scrubber is as safe as can be.

Not just for the back, the Brusybrush Bamboo Fiber Loofah Back Scrubber Belt can be used to exfoliate your legs and arms as well. Plus, we give you a special gift that you can use to clean the rest of your body from head to toe–our mesh body sponge! With these two body scrubber solutions, you can cleanse and exfoliate every spot from head to toe.

Get on your way to having healthy skin on your back and beyond! Choose the best bath exfoliator on Amazon! Order the Brusybrush Bamboo Fiber Loofah Back Scrubber Belt today!


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