Wooden Facial Brush (Set of 2)


GET BACK YOUR YOUTHFULL SKIN: The gentle bristles will give you a micro-massage while also encouraging new skin cell production, creating firmer & healthier glowing skin. Made from natural wood and boar bristle. This gentle natural bristles are specially designed for your face.



The delicate refined bristles on the brush are designed to work over the tender skin of your face. You can now have a professional deep cleaning of the skin in your own bathroom. You can now afford that relaxed luxurious spa feel every day.

You can use the brush on your hand, feet, elbows for dry patches and neck as well.

Stimulate the collagen production of your skin by gently brushing with rotating movements to give you that smooth soft young look. Your beauty creams will be taken in better because of the micro-massage you’ll give yourself.


  • Facial brush delivers daily deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation.
  • GIVE ONE TO YOUR LOVED ONE: You’ll get not one but two brushes in a pack
  • GREAT FOR TRAVELLING: Use on vacation or on a weekend away. Easy to take with you on a trip.
  • Purifies and renews your skin’s texture.

Make a great first impression with your renewed radiant skin. Get that youthful advantage soon. Don’t wait too long as we have a limited supply, so order before we run out!

Click the ADD TO CART button now to order your facial brush and enjoy gentle purification to give your skin’s texture a smooth and refreshed feel.

We offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked!


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